The climate and basic environment in the country per se , there is a growing need for Security and Safety in Schools. Keeping this in mind Hoerner College has fortified its Safety and Security in conjunction with norms laid out by the Government which ensures Safety for each and every individual in every department within the portals of Hoerner College.

1. CCTV Camera placements : Hoerner College has 45 Cameras in its 50,000 square feet Campus at all vantage points which include ALL Classes of Virginia Gardens, Dr. Surender Singh Block, Main inner building, Entry and Exit points, All Laboratories, Toilet Complex, Playfields, Music Room housed near the playgrounds and all offices.

2. Security at Toilets :

Pre Primary toilet is inaccessible to the entire School fraternity other than the Pre Primary children themselves, the Toilet Complex for the rest of the School is accessible to all boys and girls. The Boys and Girls entry exit into the toilets are separate and no latches are there to the Main Door entries from the inside. Hence, other than individual stalls inside the toilets where there are latches on the inside NO toilet main doors can be closed/tampered with by anyone. These toilets are under 24/7 surveillance of CCTV Cameras. Further, Toilets are manned by female and male attendants respectively. Teachers and support staff toilets are on one side of this complex with no accessibility by students as they remain under lock and key.

3. Class Passes :

Students are strictly banned from loitering about in the Campus without a Class Pass. Entry into toilet area is not allowed till the pass is shown. This ensures accountability of students on Campus and in classrooms.

4. Entry/Exit Rules :

At Hoerner College, a visitor has to announce his reason for entry at the main gate to the security personal, the guard inter coms the office, once permission is given the visitor has to fill out the Register provided and procure his visitors pass. He then has to go through a second check at the Gate giving access to the Main Building and then a third check at the reception where he announces his reason and procures his visitors slip for access to the office of his work (Principal’s Office, Incharges Cell or Inspection Cell ONLY. NO direct entry into classrooms is allowed other than on Parent Teacher Meetings or Class Presentations or Meetings with the Principal which is intimated to them in advance in case of parents. All other visitors are restricted to Lobby Area and/or Principal. Playfields, Virginia Gardens, Dr. Surender Singh Block, Toilet Complex and Main Building are OUT OF BOUNDS for ALL visitors. Pick and Drop was requested to be swift and Parents/attendants etc to leave immediately once they get the children. It was requested that parents dress appropriately for Pick and Drop. No shorts and nightees or inappropriate dresses to be worn for pick and drop. It is advised that ALL Complaints (if any) be resolved through dialogue with the School authorities. Group Mongering outside the campus is not advised as it brings a bad name to the school and sends out conflicting messages to the students. Problems can be solved with dialogue hence parents were asked to refrain from Group Mongering or insisting on group entries as such request cannot be entertained keeping in mind the safety of all within the Campus.

5. Who is viewing the CCTV FOOTAGE:

The CCTV Footage is seen by the Principal on DVR’s present in the office. Further, 24x7 accessibility is there on the mobiles of both the Principal . The Principal views footage on her mobile if she is not in office for any reason and at night and early morning as a rule.

6. Fire Extinguishers:

All the Safety measures being taken for fire and physical verification of Fire Extinguishers . Various drills are being conducted at regular intervals to note the time taken to vacate entire Campus. Secret Exit Gate is also available in case of Emergency.


The major concern regarding the role of Parents to be more vigilant about the movements of their wards and their well being. The following advice to the parents-:

  1. Attend all Parent Teacher Meetings
  2. Attend all Workshops organized by the School
  3. Check wards bags for any addictives like cigarettes,guthka and other detrimental habit forming substances.
  4. Not to give large amounts of money. Question School authorities if Ward is taking money using School as an excuse.
  5. Discourage Coachings and tuitions instead ensure 100% Attendance at School.
  6. Learn to say NO every now and then and not succumb to every valid or invalid requests put forth by the Ward.
  7. Media watching and use of internet be restricted and SMART PHONES not to be given or access be restricted upto 10pm only. For all practical purposes a regular mobile with no internet is advisable for calling purpose only.
  8. Motorcycles are strictly prohibited hence no parking in or around the campus for any 2 wheelers including motorcycles and scootys. Advised to have licenses and wear helmets if eligible. Hoerner College will not take any responsibility for illegal users of two wheelers.
  9. Wards to be taught basic virtues and have them seek permission for going out in the evenings and not merely informing parents. The way students treat their parents/families is something to be looked into. Students behave with a sense of entitlement in the absence of accountability for their misdeeds or actions. Moral values to be looked into.
  10. Extra curricular activities by way of visits to parks, playing games with real people etc be encouraged. Their energies need and outlet and they need to stop dependency on virtual friends and virtual world instead work on real friends and family and spending time with them and playing some sport.
  11. Parents to join hands with the school towards the holistic development of the child and treat the school with respect.

  13. All doors between School authorities and Parents have been opened for better communications. Whereas the Hoerner College App is an integral part, of late, Mobile Phones have been given to all Incharges and Inspection Cell so that there may be open – ended communication for both School authorities and Parents so that there may be continued dialogue towards the progress of all within the portals of Hoerner College.