Dr. Mala Mehra

Secretary, Unaided Private Schools Association (UPSA)

"Everything begins at the beginning and quite often the beginning begins when you shift your mind in a new direction" - Louie Herron

We at Hoerner College usher in the New Year 2024 with renewed vigour and energy. The session having reached its penultimate stage, we are proud of the achievements of the year past.

We kickstarted 2023-2024 with the addition of a spanking new Computer laboratory. State of the Art, this was indeed a feather in the cap! Infra structural growth keeps an institution vibrant and future ready.

The year saw an array of Teacher training workshops as we hosted and organized the same for hundreds of School teachers from Lucknow and Barabanki in preparation for the execution of the National Education Policy based pedagogies. Hoerner College incorporated the National Curriculum Framework partially and intend to comply with the complete curriculum.

Students continue to grow and glow and shine with enhanced teaching pedagogies and academic growth peppered with a healthy mix of Co-curricular Activities. The Pre-Primary and Primary Sections thrived with a plethora of activity based learning modules and the parents showed enthusiasm in the entire process and walked hand in hand with the School.

Simultaneously in the Junior Section, the Students had a hands –on-experience on different Vocational Skills through the Training Sessions provided from time to time. This was in compliance of the National Education Policy (NEP) which turned out to be a fruitful enriching experience for young boys and girls.

The young Gentlemen and Ladies of the Senior Section thrived Academically . They took on thin role as Senior Students most effectively and engaged in many a civic and Global Endeavors including robust Activities for Climate Change, good governance etc.

The New Session will be one with a motivated mindset of soaring spirits in academics with the National Education policy and subsequent National Curriculum Framework as its mainstay. Legal Studies was introduced last session and this session we propose to introduce Artificial Intelligence as well as Data Entry into the main curriculum as we incorporate Vocational Studies to the mix. We propose to build a second storey as well.

At Hoerner College, the sky is the limit as we soar on the wings of educational enhancement and skill based learning pedagogies. We also aspire to ensure the moral, spiritual and personal growth of all within the portals of Hoerner College as we continue on the road of excellence.

With blessings of the divine our motto remains Let the Lamp of Wisdom Light the way and we continue to believe Service to Man is Service to God.

Dr. Mala Mehra
Let us go forth together with a resolve to ‘Let the Lamp of Wisdom Light the Way’. God Bless.