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Dr. Mala Mehra

Secretary, Unaided Private Schools Association (UPSA)

To new beginnings!! Session 2022-2023 commenced with a bang with stellar attendances and happy children! Renewed energies and strong resolves!

The students across the board took to the new pedagogies like fish to water. The new improved curriculum encapsulating the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations with a marked stress on Global Competencies. These learner centric pedagogies keep the children in a constant loop as they find themselves owning responsibilities in their process of learning as they are not merely recipients of bookish knowledge and chalk and talk by the teacher but are actual contributors to the process of learning with the teacher as a facilitator.

Semester 1 from March to May found the students in a flurry of activities. With the Campus revamped for the new sessions, Teachers also put in that extra as they realise the value of smart teaching versus the traditional pedagogy that concentrated heavily on course completion and testing.

Hoerner College has also devised its own Assessment tools and done away with Monthly testing. Under the new Assessment Module there will be no room for absenteeism. Every child will be assessed over a 10 day period through various tasks. This would apply to the entire semester, thus giving Teacher and Learner space to complete tasks over a period of time rather than specific test dates etc. These Assessments will be added to the Half Yearly Examinations. We hope to run the pilot successfully for semester 1&2 prior to the Half Yearly’s. All work and no play make Jack and Jill dull kids! Plenty co-curricular activities for all students in sports and games. The Library becoming a vital part as students are encouraged to read, do story telling sessions and feel the joy of reading. Inter School and Intra school Competitions keep the cerebral and physical juices flowing. Every Section has its own dynamics and age appropriate activities undertaken.

Hoerner College continues in its quest for innovation and better learning outcomes and creating our own unique USP. To be locally relevant and globally competent will be our constant endeavour!

God bless Hoerner College and all within its portals.

Dr. Mala Mehra
Let us go forth together with a resolve to ‘Let the Lamp of Wisdom Light the Way’. God Bless.