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Dr. Mala Mehra

Secretary, Unaided Private Schools Association (UPSA)

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” — Joshua J. Marine”

The year 2020 was perhaps the most trying and challenging year of the century. As the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged through the world bringing in its wake human distancing like never before. As businesses finished, economies crashed, it seemed like a mass of chaos. All establishments shut down amid strict lockdown across countries, essential commodity prices soared and scores of thousands of people lost jobs. Schools were shut down and suddenly life seemed to be going downhill for all and sundry. Not a ray of hope…

A new format of online classes quickly replaced the offline school models. Schools were empty. There was major struggle in fee collection as schools struggled to stay afloat with huge expenses of salaries, maintenance and switching to technology costs. No one was to blame for the utter confusion but sustaining institutions became a huge challenge.

Challenges in their wake bring about the positivity of seeking solutions. The Team at Hoerner College got together to face every challenge deftly. The teachers picked up on the Whatsapp Online classes schedule like fish to water. The parents gave their full support as kids animatedly attended their classes and parents gave most positive feedback. We were encouraged to hold tests and mock examinations and online half yearly examinations which saw upto 99% attendances which was most heartening. The remaining Board Examinees were evaluated partially on the examinations they attempted and partially on school evaluations duly tabulated by the Council. The ISC-12 and ICSE-10 results were exemplary and 90 percentile was witnessed in both and it was a 100% result for all Board Examinees. Whereas most schools adopted Zoom classes we stuck to WhatsApp classes as we believed connection issues, in availability of cell phones due to working parents very often would have a high rate of absenteeism, WhatsApp on the other hand will give the opportunity to all students to access at will in case they miss a class. This worked wonders as it also invoked direct approach for Parents and Students alike.

2020 was also meant to be a celebration of 50 glorious Years of Hoerner College. Massive plans were in place but all celebrations were cancelled due to Covid. However, that did not deter the Spirits of Hoerner College as we virtually on the online platform with live streaming on our YouTube channel inaugurated the newly constructed Auditorium, The Atrium with great fanfare. We continued to add on to the infrastructures and fortify the existing infrastructures. We were proud to afford 100% salaries through the dark Covid times and did not lay off a single employee. We gave huge discounts to parents who were adversely affected by Covid. With major limitations we continue to work towards what matters – growth and academic excellence. Students from classes 9 to 12 returned for offline classes on campus in November 2020 to a full house, much to our delight. Students continued to participate and soar in online inter school competitions and other virtual platforms. Socially conscious kids made masks for distribution and we made our annual donation to an economically challenged village near Sitapur.

The holistic approach is a continued effort at Hoerner College. Efforts to in the given extraneous circumstances nurture a well rounded individual has been the primary goal of all at Hoerner College.

My report would not be complete if I don’t mention TEAM HOERNER. Whereas the teachers burnt the midnight oil as it were preparing ppt’s, videos and developing course content for virtual classes, they were also available 24X7 for any and every query from students and parents alike. The administrative team however, was the backbone of a smooth conduct of School proceedings as the worked from ground zero through lockdown and were available for all work. Topping the list was Mrs. Archana Sharma. The inspection department and all Incharges and the Office Assistants were INVALUABLE in their contribution to the College running. Gratitude their way! We would also like to put on record the constant support of parents who actively participated in the growth of their ward and were in constant synch with school authorities, ever so supportive.

As we step into a new decade and year it is our resolve to excel in all we do and to take forward Hoerner College into greater heights and achievement. We continually strive to be empathetic, sensitive and motivated to given every ward a better and successful life skill to take forward our great nation.

“The journey is never ending. There's always gonna be growth, improvement, adversity; you just gotta take it all in and do what's right, continue to grow, continue to live in the moment.”

Dr. Mala Mehra
Hoerner College

Let us go forth together with a resolve to ‘Let the Lamp of Wisdom Light the Way’. God Bless.