Message From Principal

At Hoerner College we progress on with sheer tenacity of purpose. The purpose at Hoerner College within its vision and mission envisages a school of joyful and creative learning. The year gone by has found major leaps in the transaction of knowledge through innovative methods with major stress on learner centric methodologies which lays stress on the learners involvement in imbibing techniques of self innovations and comprehensive skills of zest for knowledge.

We have found ourselves to be the pioneers of Technological advances in the City of Lucknow with our Hoerner College App for Androids, Beta Versions of Online Tests and GPRS enabled Swipe Machines for Debit/Credit Card Fee Collections at our Cashless Bursar Window. We boast of an awesome ERP Division and have linked our website with the Hoerner College App. In a Tech Savvy world our children, teachers and parents are overjoyed with all the technological advances being offered at Hoerner College.

Hoerner College also finds itself in taking major leaps to infrastructural revamping and additions. Our pride and joy being the newly constructed pre primary section – Virginia Gardens. Happy children in the pursuit of joyful learning.The Surender Singh Block for the Primary Section is our new addition in 2018.

We at Hoerner College henceforth will continually channelize all its energy to proactive steps towards the progress of its wards and the institution. As we step into the New Academic Year I wish all our Parents, Teachers & Students a year of purposeful learning with innovative and curious minds at play! I quote our beloved Co-Founder/Manager Late Mrs. V.S.Singh- “Reach for the stars, or what are the Heavens’ for…”

Every child is our priority at Hoerner College. Our Teachers need special mention for the wonderful motivators that they are and all within the portals of Hoerner College contribute to the growth of its students and Nation Building. Let us go forth together with a resolve to ‘Let the Lamp of Wisdom Light the Way’. God Bless.


Hoerner College