1. All students must have 75% attendance. There will be no relaxation on any applications other than serious medical grounds of which the office and class teachers may be intimated in ADVANCE.
  2. Being absent for tests will be regarded a Serious Misdemeanour. A student being absent for more than 2 tests per term will be considered failed for that term. This will have serious repercussions on the future of the ward since the final result is the aggregate of First term plus the Final Examinations.
  3. Parents are requested to attend Parent Teacher Meetings which are essential for the progress of the students. The parents are honoured as well as duty – bound for the same.
  4. Tests will be strictly conducted between 15th to 25th of every month.
  5. In the Pre-Primary Block (Virginia Gardens) & Dr Surender Singh Block (Classes I to V) ,all tests will be taken in a combination of copies and handouts. Parents must sign the same to ensure their participation in the progress of their ward.
  6. In the Middle Section all tests will be conducted on lose sheets of paper. These test papers will be given to parents EVERY MONTH IN THE Parent Teacher Meetings. Attendance is Compulsory for all Parent Teacher Meetings.
  7. Attendance at all school functions is COMPULSORY. No requisitions for absence on 15th August (Independence Day), 30th August (Literati), 12th September (Founder’s Day), 5th October (Memorial Day) and 26th January (Republic Day) will be entertained and the FINE charged will NOT be waived even on medical grounds.
  8. Students are expected to adhere to all Academic Norms.